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Thoughts on (people’s reactions to) the election result

Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency this past Tuesday, much to many people’s surprise. Now countless people throughout the world are expressing their thoughts about the result. I personally wasn’t too surprised at the outcome, but what has surprised me

Just the way you are?

“It is misleading to say that God accepts us the way we are. Rather He accepts us despite the way we are” (Sinclair Ferguson, emphasis mine). “Yes, come to Jesus just the way you are; but know that Christ loves

Christians and Halloween

Around this time of year, many Christians throughout the United States discuss the issue of whether followers of Jesus Christ should celebrate, observe, and/or participate in Halloween traditions (such as trick-or-treating, handing candy out to those who do, dressing up in

Liberals and collapse

Here’s a very interesting article. I had no idea that 1) the division that exists in the Roman Catholic Church is this deep and high and that 2) conservative Catholic leaders are well aware that the “abandonment of key elements

For you quiet people

This post is for those of you (and only those of you) who are Christians, are involved at church, and are on the quieter side. People view you as introverted, and you’ve often been described as “quiet.” At small group Bible study or any

Languages of the world

I find these things so fascinating.

An atheist perspective of Christianity

Those of you who resonate with philosophical perspectives may find insightful this exchange of letters between Dr. William Lane Craig and a young atheist. Reading Dr. Craig’s Reasonable Faith back when I was studying apologetics over a decade ago in seminary at Trinity

Is drinking coffee healthy?

See the below article “How Healthy is Coffee: The Latest Evidence” by Bret Stetka and the people at Medscape. Introduction Earlier this year, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released a report[1] stating that up to five cups of coffee per

The “YMCA” song

The older I get, the more I’m amazed at the depth of my ignorance about virtually everything. Just this past weekend a friend informed me that the famous “YMCA” song (the one that is commonly sung at baseball games and essentially