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Liberals and collapse

Here’s a very interesting article. I had no idea that 1) the division that exists in the Roman Catholic Church is this deep and high and that 2) conservative Catholic leaders are well aware that the “abandonment of key elements

Images of Jesus

What is your reaction when you see images (artwork, pictures, figurines, including a crucifix) that depict Jesus? I shudder and get grossed out. The reason is described in articles like this one. I’m not Presbyterian, and I certainly don’t go

John Piper on marriage and singleness

Seven years ago, John Piper preached this sermon entitled “Single in Christ: A Name Better Than Sons and Daughters.” Piper apparently made such a compelling case for taking a high view of singleness that someone asked, “If what you say

Islam and democracy

I just read through this article about some of the recent events in Iraq. One day the world will look back on our current era and be astounded that at one time people actually thought that true Islam might be compatible

Article on evangelism

This is a helpful article by Ed Stetzer. The main takeaways are: There is no such thing as the gift of evangelism, so your not having the gift doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of evangelizing. (Go evangelize.) There also

People no one can help

This article “The 10 People Nobody Can Help” was convicting to me personally. Are you someone no one can help? I regularly hear people say, “I left that church because I wasn’t growing.” Typically this is said with the assumption that

Men, generosity, and women

This interesting article in The New York Times reports on much research regarding the effect women have on the generosity of men as well as other issues related to gender, children, and siblings. The various studies include the following observations: Chief executives

Men behaving well

What is the effect of being in the presence of someone attractive? In this article published in the British Journal of Psychology, Drs. Mark Van Vugt and Wendy Iredale recruited 130 male and female college students and conducted two experiments.

Attraction in cross-sex friendships.

In this article recently published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Dr. April Bleske-Rechek studies and shares her results regarding romantic attraction in cross-sex friendships. Some of the observations and conclusions arrived at in her study include the

The relationship between blonde hair and money

In a previous post, we looked at the effects of weight and gender on one’s salary. What might be the effect of one’s hair color on his or her salary though? This study published in the journal Economics Letters by