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For you quiet people

This post is for those of you (and only those of you) who are Christians, are involved at church, and are on the quieter side. People view you as introverted, and you’ve often been described as “quiet.” At small group Bible study or any

Inerrancy and infallibility

Many Christians today are hopelessly confused on the current definitions of “inerrancy” and “infallibility.” “Aren’t they the same thing?” many ask. The answer is no–not even close. Inerrancy means that the Bible is without error in the original autographs. It teaches

(Potentially) the worst job in the world

What would the worst job in the world be like? Certainly it would at minimum involve the following: It pays poorly (or not at all). Financial stress is almost constant, but you’re not allowed to tell people so. You’re vulnerable to

Why You Don’t Like Your Pastor

If you’re a Christian, there’s probably at least a slight chance that you don’t think your pastor is the greatest pastor in the world. Up until only several decades ago, most Christians during their entire lifetime became acquainted with only

Make your pastor’s sermons better!

Here’s a brief but excellent article by Jared Moore entitled “10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Pastor’s Sermons Better.” Of the tips given, my favorites are #1, #3, #4, and #8.

Evangelical overreactions, part 2: Dealing with feminism

In this previous post, we looked at a couple examples of the evangelical hobby of overreacting to erroneous thinking. Today we look at one more: 3. Saying, “A woman’s highest calling is to be a wife and mother”: In the

Evangelical overreactions, part 1

Evangelicals have many hobbies, but a particular evangelical favorite seems to be overreacting to erroneous thinking. The proper course of action when we encounter something unbiblical is a biblical response, not an equal and opposite error. Here are two common

The realities of pastoral ministry

This article by Dr. Richard Krejcir summarizes many statistics and findings regarding evangelical pastors. Here are some select excerpts regarding pastors thinking about leaving ministry: Almost 100% of all pastors have at least one close associate or seminary friend who

How to handle a boring sermon, part 4

Today we cover another installment in this awkward series on how to conduct yourself when you find yourself listening to a seemingly boring sermon. Most people don’t think about this fourth suggestion, but it is thoroughly biblical. When you’re listening

How to handle a boring sermon, part 3

In this series regarding what to think and do when you find yourself bored by a sermon, so far we’ve suggested the following: Realize that the preacher can see what you are doing. Figure out how the passage (or topic)