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Thoughts on (people’s reactions to) the election result

Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency this past Tuesday, much to many people’s surprise. Now countless people throughout the world are expressing their thoughts about the result. I personally wasn’t too surprised at the outcome, but what has surprised me

Christians and Halloween

Around this time of year, many Christians throughout the United States discuss the issue of whether followers of Jesus Christ should celebrate, observe, and/or participate in Halloween traditions (such as trick-or-treating, handing candy out to those who do, dressing up in

Languages of the world

I find these things so fascinating.

The “YMCA” song

The older I get, the more I’m amazed at the depth of my ignorance about virtually everything. Just this past weekend a friend informed me that the famous “YMCA” song (the one that is commonly sung at baseball games and essentially

How to buy groceries

Here’s an excellent article entitled “How to Buy Groceries: Supermarket Shopping 101.” Enjoy!

Harvard and Asian-Americans

Here’s a thought-provoking article written by a (non-Asian) Harvard University graduate student and teacher of expository writing. Essentially, he points out that Asian-Americans are discriminated against in Harvard’s admissions process. This of course is nothing new and takes place at


A little girl from a very wealthy family was assigned to describe “a poor family.” She wrote: “The father was poor. The mother was poor. The gardener was poor. The butler was poor. All three of the cooks were poor.

Knowing vs. feeling in worship

In Christian ministry and in my own life, one of the most common problems I encounter is when a believer prioritizes how he feels over what he knows. Here’s Alistair Begg on the issue of knowing vs. feeling in worship:

Chronic tardiness

Here is a great article about chronic tardiness. Many of you will likely react to the article in one of several ways: Sending it immediately to your family members Sending it to specific friends of yours (who may consequently stop being your