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An atheist perspective of Christianity

Those of you who resonate with philosophical perspectives may find insightful this exchange of letters between Dr. William Lane Craig and a young atheist. Reading Dr. Craig’s Reasonable Faith back when I was studying apologetics over a decade ago in seminary at Trinity

Who you marry matters.

Here’s a excellent blog post directed to young single women regarding who they marry. Take a look.

Accountability questions

Below are some accountability questions that John Wesley used beginning in 1729 in the Holy Club he started at Oxford University. You might find them useful for regular reflection in your own life or in a small group or accountability

Book reflections: _The Chinese Way_ by Hann-Tzuu Tan

I recently finished reading The Chinese Way: Contextualizing the Gospel for the Chinese, a brand new book by Dr. Hann-Tzuu (Joey) Tan. Dr. Tan was my classmate several years ago at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and within days of meeting

Article: “Are Women Overinvesting in Education?”

Here’s a rather interesting study (entitled “Are Women Overinvesting in Education? Evidence from the Medical Profession”) from Yale University published in the Journal of Human Capital. In it, the authors conclude that most women would be financially better off becoming

Dating under Biblical Principles

Hello, everyone! My good friend Ming-yun Tang has compiled this helpful list of resources for Christian singles who want to conduct their dating relationships under biblical principles. Take a look!

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