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Our greatest need

“If God had perceived that our greatest need was economic, He would have sent an economist. If He had perceived that our greatest need was entertainment, He would have sent us a comedian or an artist. If God had perceived

Stampedes in China

In China, retail sales and the offering of things for free can cause public health hazards or even death:  =/ “Three Die in Stampede over Cheap Cooking Oil“ “New Year’s Eve Stampede Kills 36 on Shanghai Waterfront“ “Shanghai Supermarket Stampede

Thoughts on Ferguson

Anyone in the United States who even occasionally reads the news is now aware of the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Most of us probably don’t feel that we know enough to comment helpfully on the situation. Many who do

How I sometimes feel after eating

Applying to medical school? Asians and introverts beware!

Back in the old days, American medical school applicant interviews almost universally took the shape of a one-on-one interview in which a faculty member asked the applicant a series of questions. In such a format, extroverts and introverts perform relatively

Elbert Guillory

Wow…Few things seem to get my attention these days, but this definitely got it today. Sen. Elbert Guillory reminds me of Ms. Star Parker: Thought-provoking, eh?

Applying for a mortgage.

Big news! Emily and I are trying to purchase our first home! We found a place about two months ago and made an offer. Our offer was accepted. End of story, right? Not quite. Any of you who are/were homeowners



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