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Biblical Manhood &
After the Ball: Why the Homosexual Movement Has Won
R. Albert Mohler
Description: An explanation of the phenomenal success of the homosexual movement in guiding public perception of its agenda

In God We Trust
Stephen McDowell
Description: The Christian Foundations of the United States as revealed in her historic sites

Is Homosexuality in the Genes?
R. Albert Mohler
Description: A response to the idea that homosexuality is genetic in origin

Parents of Teens: Problem or Solution?
R. Albert Mohler
Description: A perspective regarding the challenges facing parents who want to raise their children well while surrounded by a culture of sexual promiscuity

The Floodgates Open: USA Today Promotes Polygamy
R. Albert Mohler
Description: An article explaining the logical connection between am embracement of homosexuality and an embracement of polygamy

Smithsonian in Uproad over Intelligent-Design Article
Description: An article regarding the controversy at the famous institution over intelligent design

Stem Cell Research and “Therapeutic” Cloning: A Christian Analysis
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Description: Nine questions and answers on the topic of stem cell research

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