Why Does Stretching Feel Good And How It Should Be Done?

Life is a strange phenomenon. There are many ups and downs in life. Sometimes there are happy moments in life, but sometimes there are bad moments in life, but the only thing that remains constant in life is the little moment that gives us happiness unknowingly. These happy moments come and go throughout life, and only those who notice these little moments really their life to the fullest. These little packets of joy come in all shape and joy, some feel them in the shape of love with their loved ones, some feel them when they do something nice toward others while some feel them when they do a physical workout. These life moments are all governed by hormones known as dopamine.

Dopamine hormone

Dopamine is a super hormone that gives a feeling of happiness to a person. It is said that the greatest ejection of dopamine comes when a person does a physical activity to their body. Little activities such as walking, running, jumping, and doing some thrilling stuff like riding a vehicle give a little moment of happiness that makes a person enjoy their lives.

One of the happiest and “feeling good” moments comes unknowingly when a person does a very simple task such as stretching. Only a simple task such as stretching one’s body releases good hormones, which for some moments, makes a person happy.

Involuntary stretching, known as pandiculation, really makes the body relax and gives us the happiness we desire. It is a type of movement that even the animals do to relax their muscle tension and gain short-term, feel-good moments. So, why does stretching feel good is a question which has kept the scientist and doctor throughout the history of medical science perplexed. Such small and simple movement of the body creates immense pleasure within the body. And as the medical sciences became more and more advanced, scientists were able to see the real reason why this happens.

Sum up

Stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which later activates the sympathetic nervous system, which releases the feeling of good hormones. So, in a nutshell, people can gain small-term happiness while doing simple tasks such as stretching.